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Hassle-free Private Property Towing Services in Winnipeg

Rapid Towing Provides 24h Private Property Towing

Rapid Towing is a trusted and licensed towing company that offers 24/7 private property towing services to all private property owners in Winnipeg. Available during all days of the year, including holidays, we aim to be the go-to towing company of all private property owners and residents in Winnipeg.

If you find any car illegally parked on your driveway or parking space, call us immediately, and within 30 minutes a tow truck driver will arrive at your address, ready to impound the vehicle—but with certain provisions. Private property owners—owners of office duplexes, apartment complexes, universities, and homeowners in Winnipeg—should all be well-versed on their right to have illegally parked cars removed from their property, as well of the rights of the car owners.

Vehicle Provisions to be Eligible For Private Property Towing

 For a vehicle to be eligible for a private property tow, the private property owner or an agent/administrator must be the one to contact our company and order the request. In other words, if you’re a tenant living in a duplex in Winnipeg, you’ll have to ask for the owner of the duplex to request for the service.There should be a tow-away zone sign (or something similar) for us to legally tow the vehicle. According to the private parking by-laws in place in Winnipeg, the signs should be either of the following: “NO PARKING”, “UNAUTHORIZED PARKING PROHIBITED” (with time periods specified), or simply “UNAUTHORIZED PARKING PROHIBITED”.

Furthermore, a vehicle will only be considered illegally parked when it is left unattended and when the owner is not inside a vehicle.If you want to know more about the technical aspects of a private property tow, and when such service is applicable to your situation, call us and talk to a customer service representative.

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For private property towing services around the clock, contact Rapid Towing now! Our tow truck drivers know all about the legal concerns in private property towing as well as other inquires you (the private property owner) or the car owner might have. Here at Rapid Towing, our main goal is to speed up the process as much as possible so it will be hassle-free on both ends. Our phone number is also open for service estimates, comments and suggestions about our services, and other towing-related inquiries.

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