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24h Flat Tire Change Assistance in Winnipeg

Rapid Towing Specializes in Flat Tire Change Solutions

Rapid Towing is a well-established towing company in Winnipeg that is always ready to help the local community with any roadside problem they might have.  Rapid Towing prides itself on the excellent reviews it receives from its customers – in fact we have been told that our customers feel safer on the roads because they know that we will be there for them if they run into any trouble, however big or small. Rapid Towing provides services throughout the city of Winnipeg and enjoys assisting the local community and keeping the roads safer for everyone.

For more info on our flat tire change services call (204) 318-1160

Work Around The Clock

Rapid Towing’s team, works all day and all night, every day of the year, so no matter how late it is or even if it is a holiday we will be at hand to assist you.  Furthermore, we promise our customers a very quick 30 minute arrival time to all calls in Winnipeg.

Prior to dispatching the team our operator we will give you an affordable price quote over the phone, so you know in advance exactly how much the service will cost.  You will be surprised by our reasonable prices.

Rapid Towing’s Awesome Team

We think that our team is awesome – and so do our customers! All members of Rapid Towing’s team are certified in their fields.  They have all undergone serious training but that does not stop them from doing new trainings constantly.  We work in an ever evolving industry and the more we learn the easier it is for us to assist our loyal customers.  The team loves to stay up-to-date on current events and industry trends. No matter what make or model your vehicle is, the team will be able to help.

Rapid Towing has a large fleet of tow trucks and other service vehicles, which are kept well maintained and up to date with all the latest equipment in the auto assistance and towing field.  Rapid Towing’s team is always happy to help, whether you are locked out of your car, are out of gas or you need a flat tire to be changed.

Flat Tire Change

The team provides a wide variety of roadside assistance services to the locals, including flat tire change services. Many people know how to change a flat tire, but the fact is that it is not always convenient for them to actually change the tire when they need to and that is why we provide this service.

Just imagine being stranded outside in the cold and snow with a flat tire. This might occur just when you are on your way somewhere important– and of course you are dressed for the part. You don’t want to get your clean clothes dirty and we don’t blame you – we are happy to help.

Or, let’s imagine for a moment that you are out with your young children. You don’t want to leave them in the car alone while you change the tire, and you don’t want to have them outside in the cold – we are happy to help.

If you need us to come and change a tire for you all you have to do is call.

For our flat tire change services call (204) 318-1160